Wednesday, February 11, 2009

update on the divorce...

Well, some of this paper work is taking a little longer than expected due to some changes that need to be made in the final stipulation.
However, the ex and I have come to an agreement. We are waiting on my lawyer to get the final stipulation written up.
The ex, (I need a new nick name for him...lets call him...Toad). So, Toad, informed me last week that his job was going to be moving him to Arizona. I'm not sure when that will take place, or if it is even something that is absolutely going to happen. We will see in the following weeks.

I don't think this is going to drag on much longer. Once we have both signed this new stipulation, we have to wait a few weeks for the judge to sign and file it. They send out a certificate, it looks all nice like the marriage certificate... interesting, huh?! Once the Judge has signed the stipulation, we have a 90 day period, which you have to wait to get remarried. But since I am neither engaged nor interested in anyone, my "grace" period will most likely last a few years.

So, YAY! I'm so excited. Well, I'm off to fold laundry.

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Deb Williams said...

so if he moves to arizona how does that work with your little Peeps????