Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's getting closer!!!!

I got my forms to order my cap and gown for my graduation! Sweet! I'm so stoked!!
I graduate on May 30th. Are you coming?!
I am not actually officially done until June 11th, but the school has only 2 ceremonies a year.
What comes after June 11th? Job search, move ... life.
Actually life is happening all the time. It's something. That's for sure.

It's sunny and warmish outside, so I'm going to take Wesley out for a little walk. and maybe some chalk drawings. Maybe I'll take some pictures even.

As for the divorce issue... my lawyer keeps pushing me to set up a mediation. But we've sent the latest stipulation to the "others" and I am waiting on their reply. Hopefully soon. Like tomorrow would be nice.


Deb Williams said...

How exciting!!! congrats on the graduations!

JULiE said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers! You're doing such an amazing job!!