Monday, April 13, 2009

Bliss and Beauty in a bottle...

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Really, the more and more I learn and study about Essential Oils, Massage, Energy Work and other homeopathic remedies (or as my mother calls them my witch medicine), the more and more I look to western medicines.
When we go to the doctor, the average amount of time he spends in the room with you is about 15 minutes. He'll usually send you home with a prescription or samples of some kind of new drug. The new drug may help to "fix" your symptoms, but wont fix the problem. They may also cause damage to your kidneys, your liver, or both.
So, why not try something natural? It certainly isn't going to harm you.
I had a client come into me on a Friday night, she told me about her arm. It has been hurting for years. She's been on major pain killers. After evaluating her, I noticed that she had huge trigger points along the insides of her scapulas, her arms, and her serratus anterior. I worked out what I could and told her to drink a lot of water (nobody is drinking enough water, if you think you are, drink more!) and I also suggested she do some stretches. She came back a week later and we worked out some more, this time I applied some peppermint and some lavender to the places that were the most tense.
After about 4 sessions, she told me she was amazed that she had full mobility back in her arms. She said she had been on steroids for years to help with the pain and was so excited that she no longer hurt when she used her arm. She didn't feel she needed to use the pain meds anymore. It was a miracle!

While I still believe that doctors and western meds have their place, I think it is so important to use both the holistic practices along with the western practices. Can you imagine the miracles?

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