Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life Constantly Continues to Move Forward...So Live it to the Fullest!

Wesley has developed a love for food, cars and chasing down poor defenseless animals Elmira (sp?) style. Here he is devouring one of Grandpa's famous waffles. He saw Grandpa take a waffle off the plate and had to help himself. He got a step stool climbed up grabbed the waffle and ran to hide from Sandy.

Christy Ann had her very first hair cut this week. Isn't she a doll? Auntie Christy Mikaela did a fantastical job. You should hire her to do your hair!

I had my hair done too just recently but rarely get behind the just imagine your best image of me with brown hair with copper highlights. It's still long. And I love it.

My sister Christy brought home a kitten a few weeks ago. My children adore him. Milo is what she named him, and Milo seems to fit him well. He is very curious and cute.

I am almost done with school. Six weeks left. About 4 weeks until graduation ceremony. Which by the way you are invited to attend!
May 30, 2009, 10am - noon, at the Provo Tabernacle 100 South University Ave. Provo, Utah
There will most likely be a gathering of some sort afterwards at my house. But due to this being a public blog will refrain from posting my home address. If you don't already have it and would like to join the after party (hehe) you can email me here.

I feel that in the past year I really have gained a lot of skill and knowledge that will help me to support my family and better our lives. There were many at the school who really helped me to make it here, but mostly Shellie. She is amazing. She always recognized me for being in class even though she knew of some of my hardships. She would even thank me sometimes. She taught me more than just massage, but also to not just "bend-over and take it." I have learned that if I want something that i have to take charge, not only do I have to, but I can. And that is something more valuable than any of the other amazing skills she has taught me. Thank you Shellie! I love you!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Christy's hair! I just perused the pictures real quick before reading and was going to comment on that. It's so cute! But I want to see YOURS too. Please post!