Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still surviving, Still massaging, Still walking!

Before I really blog about our recent happenings, I do want to clarify and apologize for somethings. Yesterday I posted on my facebook a small letter, "Dear Facebook Friends, your obssesion with Farmville is getting old and boring. But I'm not! So talk to me instead! ;-) Love, your Real Life Friend, Aimee". This offended someone, and I want to apologize because I have had this issue before with posting on facebook with someone. I decided to blog it, because I want to make sure that anyone who has been offended will maybe understand the place I was coming from and the intentions of my "post". I enjoy a good deal of sarcastic humor and just silliness. I did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings, tell anyone how to conduct their social lives or try to put myself above anyone else. I posted this, because my aunt and I were discussing facebook earlier that morning and found it kind of funny that there were many posts of people playing Farmville. So, I just was going off of that.
It was also brought to my attention that some see me as a fake, a bragger, and over all not a very good friend. I am sorry for the actions or words that have been said and done to give off this vibe. I am grateful for ALL the people in my life - past, present, future, etc. Every person I have come across I have learned something great and have added it to myself. I don't mean to hurt anyone. And I don't think I am better than anyone.

...And with that, I would like to update my blog with some pictures and brief explanation of the fun things we have been up to.

All of our sickies are gone! The quarantine is over! ...I hope is stays that way!
I can not believe how quickly children grow! Christy is now 4 and is preparing to begin kindergarten in the Fall. She is so excited and can hardly talk about anything else.
Wesley is 2 and 1/2, he's into EVERYTHING. He's an escape artist, loves to sing and dance and ride his bike. He loves our neighbors, his aunt 'Bon' and his aunt 'Cheeestywynn'. He thinks every person that even remotely resembles my mom is "gwamma". It's so sweet!

Here Wesley is preparing for his favorite event of the day (or night) - Mealtime!

Christy is modeling her new "key necklace" I brought home for her from the Caitlin Crosby concert!

Christy, Wesley and I love to eat out - when finances and time allows. One of our new favorite places is Bollweevils. They have pool tables, a few games and of course deep fried zucchini....Mmmm.....

Caitlin Crosby and me

This dog is Sylar. He was a stray dog that found our home. I took him up and down A street and B Street. I took him to the vets around town, put an add in the paper and talked to the pet stores, neighbors, anyone and everyone I could think of or see. So, I am currently housing an extra animal at my house.
He's a lab/german shepard mix. And a big snuggle bug. Wesley likes to go sit on top of him on the floor and they just snuggle. It's so cute. And he's so good with my kids.
Oiye! I am such a sucker for the canines...:-)

We have been a busy little bunch. At the moment I am considering some different options and directions to take us. We love being in California, but I don't love being in Ramona. We may head up to Burbank this summer, maybe a new apartment here, or possibly (but not likely) a move back to Utah.
We're still carless, but have adapted well to walking and am researching public transportation often.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods... ;-)

Love, Aimee

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