Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adulthood can be harder than it looks....

Sometimes it's hard to be an adult. For instance, just now as I was coming back from taking my dogs out for a "potty break", I thought I would stop and say hi to my neighbors. They are really friendly, and Wesley was asleep. So, as I was standing there discussing chocolate balls, babies and other important issues the world was facing, a great deal of blood started dripping down my leg. Lovely. I won't go into great detail, not here, but to make a long, embarrasing story short, it reminded me of "I'm a grown ass woman" and sometimes, I have to deal with these things. Geeze!

So now that we are done laughing at my gross, yet funny, embarrasing moment (you are done laughing, aren't you?) I want to just unload a little. And maybe share some light, that I have recently found.

This past month I've seem to just upset a lot of people. First there was my facebook status that caused me to lose a friend. And this last week I played a key role in divulging some unintended drama. I was victim in a gossip chain, which I didn't handle properly and a minor battle began. Although I am not really a key member in this small war (and I hope the parties involved will excuse me for adding this story to my blog) I did have a role in this battle.
I had the opportunity to be an adult and admit that I had done something that wasn't necessarily my right/priviledge, what ever you may call it.
Actually, I have had many, many moments since I moved here to this little town of Ramona where I had to put on that role of "Adulthood". Some may say it fits, some may find out that I am infact, a fraud. I'm really not as mature as I may seem. I still enjoy a great deal of running and romping around in my pjs having a dance party. I spend most evenings, after my children have gone to bed, reading a comic book, surfing the web for my next favorite super hero to be made the next "big thing" by the movie people, or playing violent or lego-oriented video games. I dislike confrontation. Very much. Recently, I have been a stalker to a celebrity. Although, I don't know that driving past his house once, counts as a stalker, but I felt like a creeper. And still feel a little guilty for that. Actually, sometimes I wonder if guilt is just a part of being and adult. Boo! I don't like it.
So anyway, back to my real story. You know, the gossip chain. Well, as God would have it, I was reading my scriptures this morning. I've just gotten to The Book of Mosiah (it's in the Book of Mormon). King Benjamin gives a most wonderful sermon. He speaks of service, of loving our brethren (and sisters!). He speaks of mourning with those that mourn. Comforting those that stand in need of comfort. He speaks of a loving Heavenly Father whom we serve by serving each other. I remembered that although the past few chains of events have been rather ugly, feelings have been hurt, mean things have been said. I find it comforting that God still loves me.
I have found that although I have been a key starter for this, so called battle, I can now step back. I can step away and make a commitment. To God. To my friends and to myself.
Guys, and Girls, Lets put away the GOSSIP. It's mean, its unneccessary, and it just stirs up feelings. I am not declaring myself to be perfect at this. I am after all a woman. And lets be honest what woman do you know that hasn't enjoyed a good piece of gossip?!

But seriously, I think if we try our best at keeping some of our thoughts and feelings to ourselves, or even vent it out to someone you trust if needed, but avoid spreading untruths, or even partial truths. I think if we do this, we too can find peace like King Benjamin's people. To be worthy of the blessings our Father has promised if we are to be humble and "childlike". Because Adulthood is just too hard.


*You can find the story of King Benjamin and his sermon here. Start at chapter one and keep reading until you feel warm and fuzzy. It will come, promise! ;-)

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Ashley said...

Eeeew bloody leg! I was mortified for you when reading it but also couldn't stop giggling! It has been a rough couple of weeks, hang in there. You were not a link in a gossip chain, you were just put in an awkward position, and did what you thought was right. Oh how much better the world would be if there were no gossip, lies, or partial truths floating around. I love the story of King Benjamin. A very good moral! Thank goodness for close friends to talk with and vent to, and blogs... our little spaces to journal the ups and downs of our daily lives! xoxo ! love, me!
p.s. I hope you don't go celebrity stalking or creeping tomorrow without me!