Friday, October 8, 2010

Self Perception

Aimee according to Aimee
Self Perception
by Aimee Barker

These days, I mostly see myself as a lonely, homely hermit. But, on a good day, I see me as a hardworking, self-motivated single mom. I am kind and generous, but maybe not enough. I can be selfish. I’m very stubborn. I’m not afraid to ask for help, but I often wait until it’s almost too late. I am a faithful and loyal friend. I have an insatiable appetite for adventure, and am always busy with something – even if it’s just blogging or tweeting. I think that my adventurousness often gets me into trouble, or creates strange meals. My laugh is funny. I’m generally optimistic, but once a month I tend to be very cynical. Sometimes I am outgoing, sometimes I am shy. I am nerdy and weird, but I prefer the term unique. I can be clingy and boring. Sometimes I am funny and spontaneous. I am always looking for the best way to make life better for my children. And myself.


Ashley said...

Aimee dear, I must make some ammends to this post. These days.. lonesome but not alone. Homey but not homeley. Every day a hardworking, slef moitivated single mom. SHould win a trophy for kindness and generosity. STUBBORN yes! AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP yes! A faithful and loyal friend, yes YES YES! Insatiable appetite for adventure, mischief, and Zac Levi. Okay I could go on, but the baby just spit up on my keyboard. Aimee you are just awesome! Hot diggity dog, your damn straight she is the queen, awesome! Oh and miss clingy and boring... ummm you should have been a bit more clingy to me, your lonely other half, and then neither one of us would be bored!

jennifer said...

Aimee, You my friend, are anything but boring. You are a very sweet and beautiful person who just needs to cut herself some slack!