Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stop Being Mean!

You know what I've been noticing lately? MEANNESS. People, stop being mean. I'm pretty sure, that by now, you've realized that many people have different beliefs and opinions than you do. This does not make them wrong. It does not make them sick. Unless we are talking pedophilia, drowning puppies or murder without a just cause, I'm pretty sure you can just LET IT GO!
It's okay. Just take a deep breath and let it GO! You know what I mean? Like the lady who dresses differently than you. You may think it's ugly, or maybe she's fat. But you don't have to say anything to her about it.......or at all. I need to work on it too. It's easy to point out the things we don't like in other people. It allows us to hide from our own flaws. It's not just pointing out other people's flaws I'm talking about, this philosophy of LET IT GO also can apply to someone else's belief system, their likes and dislikes, etc. Unless they are forcing their ways upon you, is there really true need to dis them?

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Jennifer said...

Aimee, I agree with you! I have seen it too and may have been just as guilty as anyone else. People, try helping each other out instead of picking them apart! Give someone the benifit of the doubt if they do or say something mean.