Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Is my very own home!
This is mine and Christy's dream house. Every day on our way home, she and Wesley both ask when we can live there. It's totally me.

This is our dream home:

We've been so busy these past few months. I'm still working on being positive and happy. As well as my school work. I found out that I was still covered by insurance until the end of the year, so I've been rushing to get into the doctors, dentists and eye care specialists. I have new glasses, some contacts, some new meds and tomorrow, I'll have new teeth! Yay! No more hillbilly teeth for me!!!! I have my finals this week and then a two week break for the holidays.
Christy is learning so much. She is reading really well. She had her very first concert this month. It was the Magic of Christmas. She is in the Scera Youth Theater Alpha Actors. She loves it so much. And she does really well. She is a beautiful and strong young woman. I can't believe how fast they grow!
Wesley is such a boy. Still loves his trains, cars and balls. He loves playing with his friend Coleman. He also loves to torture the cats, chase the dog and find mischief as often as he can before he is caught. He is my little man. He caught croup from my sister. So, he is not himself at the moment. Just lying around and feeling icky. But mommy's oils and cool air and steamy showers should do the trick. I'm hoping to avoid the drs this time around, but know that if it is necessary, we'll be in there!
We are really excited for our break that is coming up. It is so needed. And of course, the kids are super excited for Santa Claus to come visit, as well as our annual traditions that we have during the holiday season.

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