Monday, November 29, 2010

Holy Cow! What a week!

Actually, I think a more appropriate term would be 'Holy Turkey'. Well, whichever you prefer, it was a busy and yet, relaxing week.
I've just started my new classes. Medical Billing and Vital signs and Emergencies. I'm being CPR and AED certified again. I'm actually really excited. I like being prepared. Medical Billing is a little boring, but it's important stuff to know.
Last Tuesday, there were many reports of this huge, death eating blizzard coming to town. Lots of businesses were shut down early, schools were canceled, etc. So, we never saw a single snowflake, at least not that day. So, I spend the day packing and getting ready to take off the next day for Winnemucca the drop off for my kiddos to go have Thanksgiving with their dad. (it's our half way point). The drive up wasn't so bad, except for some problems with my credit card (CURSE YOU CAPITAL ONE!). The company was great, I went up with my amazing friend Gina. We had some good times hanging out and freaking out.
Thursday was great. I slept in. Watched some tv in bed. Hung out with my fam. Prepared with my siblings for their Black Friday adventures. Our turkey was amazing. My mom and my Aunt Candy prepared some delicious eats, as always. Friday, I slept in. I didn't want to go shopping, because, I wanted to sleep in again. Friday, I didn't do a dang thing, except some homework.
Saturday and Sunday were days that made me grateful for my life. Saturday, my mom and I drove up to Winnemucca to pick up the kids. On the drive up, we found this death eating blizzard. It was so scary. We saw cars and trucks off the side of the road everywhere. There was even a big truck that had tipped over and lost most of its cargo. I hope that the driver was safe. I have never been so aware and awake. It was super scary. We made it to our hotel in about 8 hours. (It usually takes only 6) We decided to go have dinner at the Winnemucca Casino. Which, was pretty good. There were these ladies there, mother and her daughters. They were sitting at the table, coffee pot and they each had a lap top. They were playing FARMVILLE!!! I can hardly believe some people. LOL!
Then Sunday, after EX dropped off the kids, we loaded up and headed back down to Orem. The roads were clear as could be until we hit Tooele. Then, it just started to fall. We were sliding everywhere. We were going 15 - 20 MPH. I was taking no chances. This drive on the way back was so bad. There were cops, firetrucks and ambulances every 10 - 20 miles, helping somebody else get out of a ditch, or out of someone elses bumper. It was so bad. I wanted to kiss the ground when we got home. It took us 9 hours. And we only stopped once.
I can't say I hate the snow, it's really pretty and we have some good times making snowmen, snow angels, lazer tagging, sledding, etc. However, I hate driving in it. I hate the fear it gives me.
But, I am so grateful that we made it home. I am so grateful to be alive right now and to be living my life. There are many, many things about my situation right now that are less than desirable, but they are my problems, and I am alive to face them. And I don't have to do it alone. I have a family who loves me, friends that are unconditionally there, and most important of all, I have a Heavenly Father who wants me to bring my problems to him. He provided me a Savior, Jesus Christ, who will help me to overcome my shortcomings. I am indeed, one lucky gal.

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jennifer said...

Glad you made it home safe. Give everyone hugs for us.