Monday, November 17, 2008

Christy and Wesley got to go to class with me today and get massages. We learned infant massage last week and today we did them. They were both so excited to go. Christy was wiggly and wanted to play with everyone and touch everything, and Wesley just layed there and enjoyed it.

Christy is still very much the princess. Last week for Family Home Evening, I helped Christy pick out a few things from the newspaper adds that she and Wesley would like for Christmas. We then glued them onto our "Christmas lists". Christy's list has things like shoes, a dress, a kitchen, barbies, princess themed items, and a bike. Wesley has a ball, a book and a tool box. lol! Christy's list is huge! It's been fun to teach her about Christmas and why we really have it. She loves to learn about the Gospel. She doesn't quite understand the sacrament yet, but she does know if you ask her who gives us the bread, she will reply, "it's special from Jesus." Tears always seem to find their way down my face as she slowly starts to comprehend some of this stuff. She is amazing at praying and loves to sing the primary songs. She has such a sweet voice. I love being her mommy! She is one of my best friends. She loves to read, sing, dance and especially loves when we go to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.

Wesley is now 13 months. He is into EVERYTHING! He likes to climb up and down on anything he can. He's a little stinker. But he gives the sweetest kisses and hugs. He likes to boogey when there is music. He enjoys playing with Jasper and watching Ziggy fly around his cage. He likes to pretend to read and loves to push Rocket around the house. Both of my kids love day care. Linda is awesome with the kids. They look forward to going every week and talk a lot about their friends.

I am in still in school, I can't believe it's almost midterms! I am taking Advanced massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and kinesiology. I also have clinics on Saturday. I love school! I love doing massage. My first clinic experience was way cool. My last client stayed talking to our cashier for almost 20 minutes afterward talking about how amazing I was! I love seeing people's improvements from my therapy. It is such a rewarding thing. I am not sure what I want to do with it when I am done, but I think that I am pretty close to it.
Kinesiology is really cool, actually. I want to go back to the BodyWorlds now, so I can apply what I have learned now. Aromatherapy is a smelly class! Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
I am so excited to learn some more of the natural healing. I have felt some improvement on my part. Hydrotherapy we actually start next week, i think. That's like wraps and the stone therapy. I am so excited! And Advanced is just fun to learn the different modalities. I think I am going to take my chair with me around to different places and earn some extra christmas cash!
Massage is really becoming a big thing everywhere. It's such an amazing and needful aspect in our health. Read about it!

Everyone should come have a massage from me! (your first one is free! Unless I really love you, then they are all free haha!). You can either call me and we can use my own little spot, or call Provo College and request me for clinics on Saturday Afternoons. Seriously, I am that good!

I love Monday night television. Chuck and Heroes are awesome! I love Zachary Levi. When we went to Comic Con last year, I wanted so bad to get the autographs from the Chuck cast, but they cut the line off, like 2 people in front of me. It made me so mad. A few months ago, I had a dream about him (no, not one of those....) it was weird, but really kindof sweet. I wont go into any details on here... But since then, I have decided that I am just going to hold out for him, as he is unreachable. And the thought of seriously dating or being with a guy just really scares me. So he is safe. And he is nice to look at. :)
Don't you think?

Well, I think Kaytlyn is home, so I am going to go visit with her and get ready for our Monday night rituals. (FHE and of course, my beloved Chuck and Heroes!)

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Anonymous said...

w00t! when i am down in the valley next i will have to come get a massage. i've never done it before because i'm afraid i'm too ticklish. :) your kids sound super cute, can't wait to meet them sometime. :)