Monday, December 8, 2008

Another melancholy Monday

Today in class we learned about color therapy and energy. I am going to practice some this weekend, Charise being my guinea pig. The more I learn about the holistic world of medicine, the more I realize how limited western medicine really is. Doctors mostly just treat symptoms, or remove organs when they aren't working as well as they should be. But the ayurvedic way focuses more on the body as a whole. Mind, body and spirit. They must all work together. If one is off balance, it can cause the others to falter.
As a massage therapist (or wellness technician), I am learning more and more to treat the whole person. I am so excited for this alternative world of healing and well being.

Anyway, so today was another Monday. I had class, then I went shopping with Charise. We went to the beauty supply store, animal ark, roberts crafts and target. I bought some way fun stuff. I would tell you, but that might spoil your Christmas suprise!

By the time I got home, Christy was passed out. Wesley was hungry, so I fed him while I watched Chuck and Heroes. Chuck was fun as usual. I loved that they brought in Gary Cole as Sarah's dad. He's a scammer. And Anna wants to move forward in her relationship with Morgan in a tangible way, so she wants them to move in together...but he buys a pos car instead. ...It was action packed...with the comedic effects, of course. And Zach Levi was just as good looking as always.

Heroes was pretty intense.
So, they all have their powers back. Claire and Hiro go back in time to keep Claire from becoming the host for the catalist. Hiro meets his mommy, who returns his memories to him, as well as gives him the catalist. But just as Claire and Hiro are about to return to the prestent time, Arthur Petrelli shows up and takes the catalist. He leaves Hiro powerless in the past, and returns Claire to the present to deliver a message to Angela Petrelli that he has won. Sylar is back to the brains, but mainly to get the ability to tell if you are lying. Which he uses against Arthur. The Hatian and Peter are back and show up to kill Arthur...but Sylar finishes the job. Arthur had already completed the formula by adding the catalist, so now Nathan and his sidekick Tracy Strauss are testing it on some soldiers. The first was Scott, who is played by Chad Faust (who was also in the 4400, which is a fabulous sci fi). He ended up with super strength, which is what they were hoping for. Next week (which will be the last of this year) looks like it is going to be just as awesome!

So, after Heroes, I got Wesley ready for bed and we snuggled until he went to sleep.

Today was pretty good, actually. Any day that starts with colors and ends in Zach Levi sounds like a pretty good day to me. :)

Because I need to put more pictures on here....
Here are my babies. Christy, Wesley and Jasper (Yes, he counts.) :)


Aubstar said...

Spoiler warning next time, maybe?

I don't appreciate people ruining plot points for me. :(

The captcha is CALAB... Which made me giggle a little bit.

Deb Williams said...

Sounds like fun. I want to tell you something so i should call you...But I bont have your # I think Iw ill call risa to get it. I wanted to share something with you..that I noticed when I was in massage school. So don't be surprized if you get a call from me sooner or later.

Deb Williams said...
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