Friday, December 5, 2008

A quick rewind

When my children are sick, I really learn to appreciate patience, mother's love and most importantly them. Christy has had the flu and so we have stayed home from school and daycare, so as not to share and also to rest sick bodies. I have been able to really sit with her and talk with her, read to her and just love her. I've also had a lot of one-on-one time with Wesley, while Christy has been asleep. My children are both such wonderful people. They are very sweet. Always willing to share with you a little part of them. (I may be biased, but it's the truth.)

For Thanksgiving, my children went with their dad. It was really strange to not have them with me. But we did have a good time. Brittany Asay came to our house for dinner. It was really nice to see her. She made the most amazingly delicious dip ever. I am so glad you posted the recipes, thank you Brittany.
It was fun to swap stories of defect ex-husbands. And the excitement that comes from being freed from said defects. :)
My cousins, the Steinhorsts, also came for dinner. We had the usual foods that you have, including the amazingly delicious dip. After dinner, the girls (minus Brittany) and Teddy all went to the movie theater to see Twilight.
I liked Twilight. I didn't love it, but have heard I will love it the second time I go. I did love Emmett and Jasper. Alice was also really close to how I pictured her. Edward was hot, but not as sexy as the media made him out to be. In my opinion.
We came home after the movie, and had pie. Really yummy pie. Josh had a slide show about his job in Chicago, where he made a really cool train set for the Botanical gardens. We took some pictures of everone on the couch. Somebody then broke it. :)
Brittany, Joshua and I went to see Madagascar 2 at like 10:50. It was fun. I love the Madagascar movies. And am happy and slightly weirded out that Gloria and Melman found love in Africa. I still would like to see them all return to New York. Or finally make it to the San Diego Zoo...:)

My birthday was on Tuesday, December 2. I turned 24. I feel old, even though 24 is not really old, I feel like i have experienced a lot of life. I am grateful for all of those experiences. Every single one. Even the defect.

Christy was sick on my birthday, so we just hung out and watched Little Einsteins and then ate cupcakes with my family. On Wednesday, Aubrey and Heather brought me Cafe Rio, Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special, and a Toblertone (sp?). We watched Elf and just laughed and had a great time. Thursday was my "party", we had chilli and fresh veggies, cake and ice cream and just hung out. Cori, Charise, Aubrey and Heather were there. I love my girls!

I have almost finished my Christmas shopping. There are only a few more things on my list that I need to get. So, I'm off to work for Santa. But before that, I need to get Christy some meds and water.

How is your week going?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I pretty much loved this blog. You're awesome Aimee! I had so much fun hanging out with you guys last week!

Aubstar said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday! (again!)

I hope the runt is feeling better.