Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Okay, so I owned that PS3. All by myself. I am NERD. :) And these days, that is not an insult, either! Christmas was so fun this year. I was sick, though. So that made things a little on the "meh" side. But I tried to be as jolly and cheerful as possible. As tradition goes in our family, we always have french toast for dinner on Christmas eve. As we were getting ready for dinner, Christy decided she wanted to take care of m. She rubbed my head, and told me that food would make me feel better. She even tried each food item before I could eat it, to make sure it was good! She is such a sweet little girl. We lit the candles on the menorah, since it was Chanukah also, and opened our Christmas eve gift, which is always pajamas. Christy just loved hers, and Wesley loved ripping the paper. My family always goes out to visit Laura's gravesite, and light illuminaries. The kids and I stayed home, but they took some pictures. Someone had left Laura a Christmas tree. We were very touched. It's nice that people still remember Laura. She really is an angel. She touched so many hearts while she was here, and continues to do so in her work for our Heavenly Father.
Christy was so excited for the next day, she could hardly go to sleep. But after a few Christmas stories, our scriptures and prayer, and a short Kipper movie, she was dreaming.
Christmas morning was great. Christy was so excited to go through her stocking. Wesley also thought it was fun to reach in and grab a suprise. Reach in, grab suprise. Oh, to be young again!
When Christy saw the Christmas tree with all of the presents around it, she couldn't wait to get started. She helped pass out the gifts to everyone.

Her favorite present was the Barbie castle. I had it hidden under some blankets, as she pulled the blankets off, she announced, "Yes" with the hand movement and everything. She was so so excited, and played Barbies for most of the morning. The ginormous box next to her was a tv that Josh gave to Jessica. He is always so generous and thoughtful.

Wesley's favorite present was a car that I got him. It was a motorized one, so he just followed it around the kitchen for a while. He also loved the boxes, he just climbed in one, and I took him for a ride! The kids spent the afternoon at their dad's, and then came home for our Christmas dinner.
Christy and Wesley went to their dad's for the second half of Christmas break. But on Wednesday, he got called into work, so I got to play with them for the day. So we celebrated New Years a little early! Wesley ate his first apple. It looks huge! (Christy helped!) Here he is sitting with Grandpa Miller eating his apple and watching some cartoons.
Yummy Apple!

Funny cartoons!

Christy was lying on the couch with her aunt Kaytlyn. She is such an angel. I love her so much.And here, Christy and Auntie just accomplished giving Grammie a wet willie. Ha Ha!
Christy and Wesley went back with their dad at 5:30, so I fixed my PS3, and got ready for the family party. Aubrey and Charise came and we played Sing Star2 for hours! It's such a fun fun game! The Hubbards and the Jensens were also here. We played some Uno. When there were ten minutes left of 2008, we turned the NBC new years special on to watch the ball drop. We counted down, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Happy New Year!!!!" And popped poppers, blew our little noise makers and made toasts with our sparkling apple ciders (actually I think it was grape). It was a fun party, but now it's time to go back to eating good, and working on those new years' resolutions.

That being said, I'm off to make a delivery to the storage unit, and off to perform some massages before I pick up my beautiful children.

Happy New Year!!

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