Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sundance Film Festival

Since last Thursday, Sundance Film Festival has owned me. ;) I decided to try out being a volunteer this year. (Well, a full time, b/c you can get reimbursed...and make a little $$).
It was a lot of fun. And a little stressful.
I met some amazing people. I met some insanely crazy people. I met some very rude people.
I worked at the Prospector theater in Park City and the Sundance theater at the Sundance Resort.
At Prospector, I worked crowd liaison and wait list line. I loved working with the people. Every day was so different and people just intrigue me. Especially when they think they are so so much better than everyone else. Those people make me laugh. Because really, we are all on the same level. Lame.
I worked as an usher, wait list line and ballots at Sundance. The Sundance theater was my favorite spot to work. It was quieter, less crazy and had an ambiance about it that was just so inviting. I was also able to see a few movies while I was working there. A few of my favorites were, "Sergio", "Kilimonjaro", "500 Days of Summer", "Children of Invention", "Earth Day", and "Moon". I missed "The Cove", but I have heard only amazing things about it. And it won an award. Along with Sergio. If you have never heard of him, please look him up. He was an amazing person, and worth the research.
I'll post pictures later.

Have you ever been to the Sundance Film Festival? What have been your favorite films?

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