Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye '09, Hello '10!

I feel like, especially lately, my life keeps making these plans without my input. How rude. Oh well, what more can you do other than go along with it.

My Christmas was wonderful! My kids left to their dads on the Sunday before, I went home to Utah on Wednesday evening. I had so much fun! I wish I could have stayed longer.
My flight to Utah was interesting, to say the least. We had to stop over in Phoenix. On the way to Phoenix, I sat by the window. Next to me sat "Old Man Rivers" and "Ms. Talks-A-Lot". Oh My Goodness! Old Man Rivers asked me to dinner. I'm happy to say, his stop was Phoenix. Ms. Talks-A-Lot was trying to hook up with Old Man Rivers. And wanted to tell me about all of her health issues. Now, I'm not opposed to talking to someone about health, it is up my so called, ally, but there are some things one must keep between themselves and their own physician. Thank you. I was so happy to get off the airplane, until the cold hit me! I forgot how cold snow and winter were in Utah. (I know, it hasn't been that long) After layering on my layers, and cursing the nasty white stuff, I hugged my sister, Kaytlyn and my Dad. I was so excited to see them both. I had dinner with my girls, Aubrey, Heather and Caulene. We played at Smith's with Deven and went shopping for goodies. The next morning I had breakfast with more friends. Christmas eve my family did our traditional french toast for dinner, the Christmas story from the bible, and as well from the Book of Mormon. Then we got to open our PJ's so we could wear them that night.
Christmas day was so relaxing and non eventful. We did go and see Avatar, which was very well done, in my opinion. I love Joel David Moore. Check him out!
Saturday, my dad, my uncle Ted and my sisters all got up and drove me back to California. I missed the warmer weather and the green grass. lol! I picked up the kids Sunday and had a nice turkey dinner that night. And then my children had Christmas at our house, with some of our family. Some of the members of my church had brought us so many gifts for Christmas the Monday before. Someone really loves our family.
I've been so blessed since I've moved out here. Even with all the trials and breakdowns. I have met some amazing people, seen my children bless and enhance lives and have been given an opportunity to grow. So much more than I would have thought. I've made some wrong choices in my life, and like anyone have seen some of the consequences but I'm not going to let those define who I am. I'm more than that.

New Years Eve was spent with my children. We had our own little party. Toasted at 7:30 (the kids were ready for bed) And I stayed up a little later until my phone died and I decided it was time to go to bed for the first time this year!
One of our clients from the salon has been trying to set me up with her son (this story is for Brittany). As flattered as I was, I'm happy to say, i'm not ready. But she brought him by NYE anyway to meet me, dropped him off to have dinner with us. He's 34 years old, doesn't have a job, hasn't been to school, still lives with mom and was kicked from the navy (he wouldn't tell me why). He didn't let me speak more than two words at a time and within 10 minutes of them leaving his mom was on the phone with me saying she could so see me as her daughter in law. UMmmmmmm....I'm going to have to say NO WAY, JOSE! Okay that wasn't much detail, but I couldn't really understand a word he said. I know that I'm no English Major (well, at one point I was) but mumbling, even when it's loud is hard to hear.
I recognize that I come as a packaged deal with two kids and my dogs, but I'm not desperate, and I'm not hopeless. I still have some standards of what I look for in a man. And I'm really in no hurry, either. I am still working up picking up the pieces of myself that I lost during my first marriage/divorce.

I have come to the decision that I am happy with where I am at in my life. No, I'm not perfect, I'm not the ideal super model, I'm not making a lot of money (or any money). But I'm healthy, I have a roof over my head, I have two beautiful and smart children, I'm a rockin Kool-Aid mom, I am beautiful, smart and I feel like 2010 will bring some great changes, and new doors to knock on.

My goals:
Take the National Certification test for Massage Therapy
Apply for my California State wide License
and get a job in Burbank working at the Studios doing massage.
Keep up with my writing. (Char, I have one review off to you, there are many more to come!)

I have written these out with time lines and everything. And I have a few others. I didn't make a resolution this year, just goals that I feel I have written out well. Now it's time to get up and get on with the day. I need to get to the store and get some dog food!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic goals. You should add to it: Don't date slackers. The end. :)