Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My rights as an American Citizen...

I would not consider myself a racist or a prejudiced person. I generally get along with everyone and I enjoy celebrating the differences in people that make us so unique from one another.
However, today as I entered the building to apply for welfare, I felt as though I had to be. My social worker took me back to his office, gave me a funny look and said, "You look too well dressed to be here, I'm sure you wont qualify for anything." This was before he had even looked at my application. So already I wanted to cry. Then as we went over the application, he said I made too much money to qualify for anything except maybe food stamps. So, I continue with the food stamps application, and just before he's finished, he says to me "what do you do with your money?" It wasn't meant to be a nice comment. As I'm leaving, another girl waiting says to me, "You're just the wrong color."

Again, I am NOT racist or prejudiced towards anyone. I don't have anything against anyone being here. I'm not against gay rights, I'm not against civil rights or anyone having rights.

Don't worry, Mom. My complaint has already been filed. :-)

I guess what I am trying to say is that, I too deserve these equal rights. And I actually detest the fact that I'm in need of welfare services, but the truth is that I do. I need help getting back on my feet so that I can be a successful provider for my children. And, I did pay my taxes and my tithing so that others, too, may have the same privilege.

Excuse my babbling...

In other news, it's POURING rain! I so need to get me an umbrella....in the meantime, I'm going to call my wonderful, Auntie Christy Lynn to see if she will rescue me and take me to the bank and the store.

Love, Aimee

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jujuopea said...

I had applied six & a half years ago for medicaid to help cover my pregnancy. The only reason I got it was because My last name is now Gonzales, not Robertson, and under ethnicity I marked that I didn't want to share that info. Every form, every report, everything given to me anywhere is always in spanish. I have to request english now. REQUEST ENGLISH!!! In AMERICA!
I am married to a hispanic family, obviously, so I get to see both sides of the discrimination now. It's awful.