Sunday, October 26, 2008

Whew! This week just flew by!

Jasper is my favorite little dog in the world!

This week has been a crazy one!
I had a nice break, a whole week of no school!!
So, last weekend I took my kids to the corn maze, we also had Aubrey and Heather with us. We went to Cornbelly's up at Thanksgiving Point. It was so much fun!
I have to say I am proud to have been a part of Aubrey's first corn maze experience.
When we got there, on the way to the maze, we discovered there was actually a lot more than just the maze to do there. There was an area with a princess carriage, slides and a jumpy thing. (you know - the air filled ones....) I can't remember the name... They also had princess dresses for the little girls to put on. Christy was beautiful.
The maze was fun! It was shaped like David Archuletta, and as you found your way out, they played Archuletta's music. It didn't take us too long to find the exit...

Monday was nice. Mondays are my favorite tv nights. I usually only watch television Mondays and Tuesdays. But if I had to miss one...I wouldn't choose Monday. I am a big fan of Heroes and Chuck. Chuck is fun. There's a good mix of drama, comedy, a splash of romantic tension, and action. There's also the good looking cast! Heroes is well, Heroes. If you haven't caught on yet to this most amazing series, I highly suggest it!

Tuesday I took my kids to the Dinosaur Museum. We had so much fun! It was pretty empty, most of the time it was just us in the room, and Wesley slept through the whole thing. Christy and I had a blast. It was fun to kindof let go, and be a kid again. I even played in the sand. We made an island then let the dinosaurs stomp it into the water. Into a mushy puddle of nothing. lol! Sometimes there is nothing like being a kid!

Wednesday, Aubrey, Heather and I braved a haunted house in Provo. The Scream Assylum. It was ok. Not neccessarily worth the $15 we spent to get in, but it's always fun to get out with the girls.

Thursday was dinner, which of course was amazing. Aubrey made dinner, check out her blog to see the pictures MMmm.... Aubrey is an amazing cook. Her husband will be a lucky lucky man.

Friday I went to a masquerade. it turned out really nice. I even won some of the raffle prizes!
And I looked cute! I am on the left, Charise is on the right.

Saturday night, Christy played guitar hero with her Aunt Katie. She got like 1013 points! I'm so proud of her! She even sang! I was so impressed actually. Kaytlyn is a fun aunt! My kids love her!

Wesley even has a name for her that sounds close to Katie.
He is getting huge! Isn't he handsome? I love his blues! I just took this picture today! He was sliding off Grandma's bed. All by himself! He is such a big boy. I can hardly believe how fast it goes.

I am still trying to find Flash a home. He's a black lab/blue heeler mix. about 8 months, neutered, microchipped and up to date on all his immunizations. He's very loyal and loving.
So if you know anyone looking for a dog, he's a really good one. I hate to have to find him a new home... :(


The Morty's said...

Wow Busy Busy week!! Glad you had some fun on your week off

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really fun week and busy! Sometimes weeks like that are the best though. I love your masquerade dress, where did you get it?

Aubstar said...

Go us!! We totally rocked the week.

Charise and I missed you at the halloween party at spring haven. It would have been fun to have you there. (I totally won something from the raffle they had there... :D)

And the word verification is ASTAN.

I'll let you make your own assumptions.

Deb Williams said...

looks like a fun week. Sounds like you needed a little play time. I would love a break! I feel like I am super busy all the time any more! I guess it is good!

Where are you these days???

Fabulous Fillmores said...

Super fun week! WOW you are amazing. Right now I think it is a huge thing just to be dressed and ready in the day before noon and to get the dishes done. Whew, you are a fun mom. I cannot believe how big your kidos are! They are sooo cute. Keep the pictures coming! Cute Halloween outfit!

Deb Williams said...

Hey havent heard from you in a while you ok???